Akademi Maritim Indonesia (AMI) Medan has The Facilities to support the implementation of activity of teaching and studying process to reach the mission and the vision above :

  1. Full Mission Ship Maneuvering Simulator 240°
  2. Engine Room Simulator
  3. CBT (Computer Base Training)
  4. CBA (Computer Base Assessment)
  5. Full AC Lecturieng room and Providing internet
  6. Complete library (book, ship publication, DVD and VCD with professional librarian)
  7. Offices and small mosque
  8. Sport facilities
  9. Language and Computer Laboratory
  10. Document Laboratory
  11. Navigation Laboratory
  12. Maritime Laboratory
  13. Electricity, Control Systems and Electronic
  14. Workshop, Welding, and Bench job
  15. Maintraibing and Machine Reparation
  16. Engine Ship
  17. Cadet Mess
  18. Providing Scholarship of Yayasan Pendidikan Maritim Medan and Government
  19. Providing tenure of shipping Company (Long Time Contact), free of education fee
  20. Machmoedin Ballroom